On inserting the CD ROM for the first time, Maths Tracker Senior installs itself and places a shortcut on the desktop. Double clicking this icon on the desktop launches the program and brings up the opening screen (below). As this is a single user version, you will need to have the CD ROM in the drive on subsequent occasions when you are using the program. Please remember to cancel the install button on subsequent occasions as re-installing the program over an existing version will delete any records saved by the program.

Level 4 corresponds to 4th class, Level 5 to 5th class etc. Each test consists of fifty multiple choice type questions. In all, each level contains 150 questions based on the various strand units of that particular level. It is recommended that a fifth class pupil attending learning support at the start of the school year should initially be tested using tests 4A, 4B and 4C in order to build a profile of the pupil's baseline knowledge of the 4th class programme. In working through the 5th class programme, the teacher may also decide to administer test 5A towards the end of term 1, test 5B towards the end of term 2 etc. This will provide an ongoing overview of how the pupil is coping with the 5th class programme. Alternatively, tests A, B and C can be administered as an end of year test. Maths Tracker Senior can also be used at second level for Resource/Foundation Maths and provides a linkage with the upper end of the primary Maths programme.