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Review - Aiseanna

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Intouch Magazine - June 2007
Maths Tracker is a computer-based Maths diagnostic program suitable for first, second and third class pupils who are experiencing difficulties with the revised maths curriculum, but it may also be used as an ongoing assessment tool in mainstream classes.

Each class level contains three tests, with a total of 150 multiple-choice questions, covering all strands of the curriculum. An individual report is generated on completion of each test and these can then be used to build up a pupil profile that is also provided in the program. The pupil report sheets can be printed out, but the program does not store the results.

The pupil interface is clear and easy to follow. Each task is presented in an attractive and colourful manner, and the multiple-choice options are clearly presented and easy to read. There are audio clues that indicate whether a child has got the right or wrong answer, but these can be turned off if desired. There is no visual clue given. Once an option has been selected, the pupil is automatically led on to the next task. S/he must complete all the questions in the section, and has no way to escape the current screen until a selection is made. There is a section that provides information and instructions for teachers. A print option would be useful on this page, so that teachers could keep the information for future reference off-screen.

Maths Tracker is a very useful and easy-to-use diagnostic tool for teachers of first, second and third classes, Learning Support, Special Needs etc. Most importantly, this is Irish software which supports the Irish curriculum.

Reviewed by Christina Ni Dheaghaidh, St. Martin de Porres NS, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
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